Danny Haelewaters

Principal Investigator

Danny Haelewaters (danny.haelewaters@gmail.com ) is a sixth-year Ph.D student at Harvard University working with Laboulbeniomycetes biotrophic fungi. He is mainly interested in molecular phylogeny of this class and speciation patterns. For example, the nearly cosmopolitan species Hesperomyces virescens is in fact a complex of multiple species, each with strict specificity to a given host. Danny will start a postdoctoral position at the University of South Bohemia in August 2018, working with Dinocampus coccinellae, a parasitoid wasp that is a natural enemy of Harmonia axyridis and is explored for potential use as a natural biological control agent.

Fred Pan

Web Developer

Fred is currertly a sophomore in college. He loves science and programming.

Jeffrey Pan

Research Assistant

Jeffrey is a high school senior. He helps collect and process data from various sources. .

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